This colorful hanging in the shape of a ball come together to form a beautiful set which sways across your home and lends its flowery charm to your living space. The balls are crafted in a fun mix of colors and within the realms of Kashmiri Paper Mache, which is an ancient craft. The art form uses remnants of waste paper to create luxurious pieces of home decor. This is achieved by hands of gold, the unsung heroes of the soil who work skillfully for this transformation to take place.

Material Handmade
Color Yellow
Size 3 Inches
Made Kashmir
Estimated Arrival Between 6  Days in India
Availability Ships Internationally

For Bulk orders, we can customize your orders as per your requirement.

Assorted Christmas Papier Mache Balls



Christmas Hanging - Tree



Hanging Bell



Christmas Hanging- Bell



Decorative Christmas Hanging - Bell