We offer these kinds of art and crafts for sale - Papier Machie, Carpets, Rugs, Chain Stitch, Shawls, Wood Carving are our forte. The company is managed by professionals who have in depth knowledge of products.

The Kashmiri's have inherited the art forms from travelling Persians and other merchants of Central Asia. These art forms have been practised and preserved by inhabitants of the valley for centuries. The early part of the 20th century saw these art forms being traded with other parts of the world including China, far east and western countries.

Because of the picturesque beauty of the valley, tourists thronged in large numbers and this boosted the sale of the such valuable pieces of art. Many families generated employment through this trade and it still remains one of the foremost pillar of economic development in Kashmir.

We are proud to be associated with this art and endeavor to working towards creating new designs and making this art available to greater population via social media.